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Intelligent investing for you, your family, your Future

Intelligent investing demands knowledge, experience, and commitment. Four Peaks Wealth Management is a local, independent, employee-owned investment management firm dedicated to providing professional asset management for you, the individual investor. We have developed an investment model and business structure that allows us to provide you with high quality investing at a great value. YOUR TEAM of investment professionals leverages more than 100 years of experience to grow your money, not your fees. And we invest our personal savings the same exact way we do client money.

Whether you’re a young professional eager to establish an aggressive portfolio for future wealth, a growing family looking to ensure security for your investments, or empty nesters seeking money managers who will help you enjoy retirement to its fullest, we can build an investment plan to meet your needs.

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FPWM’s merger with Sterling Financial Services provides you with comprehensive financial solutions in one stop – accounting with Sterling and, of course, investments and insurance with Four Peaks Wealth Management.

We are proud to announce the merger of Four Peaks Wealth Management with Sterling Financial Services. Learn more about this merger HERE.

Ron Getto is featured in the June issue of the Flagstaff Business News. Read more…

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