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Intelligent investing demands knowledge, experience and commitment. Four Peaks Wealth Management is an independent, employee-owned investment management firm dedicated to providing professional asset management for you, the individual investor. We have developed an investment model and business structure that allows us to provide you with high quality investing at a great value. OUR TEAM of investment professionals leverages more than 75 years of experience to grow your money, not your fees.

Whether you’re a young professional eager to establish an aggressive portfolio for future wealth, a growing family looking to ensure security for your investments, or empty nesters seeking money managers who will help you enjoy retirement to its fullest, we can build an investment plan to meet your needs.

CONTACT US to learn how we can help you build an intelligent, diversified portfolio that provides strong growth while strategically managing risk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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What is the minimum amount Four Peaks Wealth Management will manage?

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FPWM Newsletter | Quarter 4, 2014

In this edition…

2014 Year-End Reflection

Active vs. Passive
Diversification: U.S. vs. International Stock Performance

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What is the minimum amount of money Four Peaks Wealth Management will manage for me?We will literally take no money and manage, so long as you commit to having a […]

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